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Work Organization Consultant

Job summary

All major changes within a company―whether in work methods, how human and material resources are allocated or how various tasks and activities are assigned―require meticulous planning, and technology projects are very much included in that. Our consultants specializing in work organization are tasked with ensuring a seamless transition. Sound interesting?

TechnoConseil’s work organization consultants are responsible for defining strategies and developing plans that will ease the transition to new technologies, to the full benefit of our clients. Once their strategies and plans are fully implemented, work organization consultants take on project management duties to ensure planned activities are carried out smoothly.

Work organization specialists play a crucial role in ensuring how and why these technologies are integrated and used, which is paramount to their success.


  • Good organizational management knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Analytical skills
  • Diplomacy


  • Identify changes that need to be made (issues, impacts, the scope of the work, stakeholder analysis, etc.)
  • Develop change management strategies and plans and adapt them to the project and sector
  • Identify and recommend actions to address challenges associated with the required change
  • Implement management support activities as well as tools to facilitate buy-in to change
  • Provide managers and leaders with strategic and tactical advice to help them lead through times of change
  • Provide operational change management support during the project planning and deployment phases
  • Collaborate with all change management partners