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Computer Technician

Job summary

Do you like doing hands-on work at the heart of the action? Our computer technicians are actively involved at every step of the implementation of technology infrastructures. They’re the ones who bring all our projects to life!

TechnoConseil’s computer technicians perform various tasks at client sites, including the installation and maintenance of software, systems and other hardware. They also have a broad range of diverse tasks to do on-site. They provide technical and functional support for software, hardware and commercial components of technological environments across multiple platforms. They give technical advice and support to users and assemble, install, maintain, configure and evaluate computer hardware and components. Depending on the task, they may be asked to use various programming languages or software to develop certain tools. Lastly, they write procedures and document solutions in accordance with our clients’ standards, methods and procedures.


  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Expertise in commercial products
  • Rigour and attention to detail
  • Learns quickly in new environments


  • Answer user requests
  • Provide technical and functional support to users
  • Analyze, document and resolve client requests to their complete satisfaction
  • Follow up on requests with users
  • Perform a basic remote diagnosis of workstations, applications and the network
  • Perform a basic installation of computer hardware and software, while ensuring workstations and peripherals are functional and optimally used
  • Write and document procedures, methods and guides
  • Analyze and improve existing incident resolution procedures and practices
  • Participate in various projects and advise users
  • Provide and maintain a high level of client satisfaction
  • Report important information to the supervisor