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Security Architecture Consultant

Job summary

The key to a project’s success is understanding its specific needs and developing the right solution to meet them. That’s where our security architecture consultants come in, whether they’re dealing with servers, workstations and other hardware components or with operating systems and applications. Want to join the team?

Our architecture consultants participate in every project we undertake by developing and assessing technology analyses and integrating them into our clients’ enterprise architecture. In addition to testing and providing an overall picture of our proposed technology solutions, they help to perform preliminary analyses, develop technological opinions and orientation studies, and ensure quality control of analyses.

TechnoConseil’s security architecture consultants love a challenge, are analytical and methodical thinkers, and have extensive knowledge about IT infrastructure software and hardware. They’re specifically chosen for their excellent judgment, since their work sets the stage for everything that follows.


  • Analytical skills
  • Technical know-how
  • Detail-oriented
  • Writing skills
  • Ability to work under pressure


  • Write various technology infrastructure documents
  • Propose, analyze and compare potential solutions to meet client needs
  • Supervise, define or carry out proofs of concept
  • Update the procedures for various high-level and detailed architectures
  • Document solutions
  • Conduct opportunity studies
  • Ensure work progress
  • Identify security requirements
  • Take part in categorization activities
  • Develop security features based on requests
  • Produce a wide range of deliverables (problem analyses, market research, technological solutions, product choices, cost and benefit analyses, technological opinions, etc.)